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The owner of FinsNthings (Kory) is actively trying to bring awareness to the hobby. In doing so, he has lunched several Facebook groups. Please take a look and join those that suit your needs in this hobby. Join one or join them all, we would love to have you.


  1. USA Freshwater Plant Sales (No Auction)
    • With all the Auction type format groups popping up , why not back to the the classic classified type set-up.
  2. Shrimp Keeping USA – Neocaridina – Caridina – Sulawesi
    • This group is for USA residents only. Keeps is local for connecting with others “Locally”.
  3. Freshwater Shrimp / Caridina / Neocaridina / Invertebrates
    • This is an International Shrimp group. Everyone from all around the world is welcome to join.
  4. Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp Products Review & Discussion
    • I thought this was a good idea. With so many products on the market. Rate & Discuss!
  5. Aquariums, Plants & Fish (Buy / Sell / Trade) – Northern Illinois
    • If you live in Illinois and have something aquarium related to want to buy or sell, come join us.
  6. USA Saltwater Fish & Coral Auctions (Zoa / LPS / SPS / Mushroom / Polyp)
    • The plan is to have a USA Saltwater suction group for our USA residents.
  7. Saltwater Reef Aquarium / Corals / Frags / Zoas / SPS / LPS / Shrimp & Fish
    • This is a slow growing group but we thought it wasn’t fair to leave out our salty friends.
  8. Greater Chicago Shrimp Keepers – Cardina / Neocardina / Sulawesi / Inverts
    • Hoping to turn this into an actual club sometime soon with meetings. Abbreviated as GCSKA
  9. Freshwater Aquarium / Guppy / Livebearers / Shrimp / Fish / Plants & Snails
    • Our 1st Facebook Group ever. With over 3,500 Members. We discuss anything Freshwater!
  10. Freshwater Aquarium Rhizome Plants – Anubias / Bucephalandra / Crytocoryne
    • Last but not least, a group dedicated to only Rhizome Plants. They are in a league of their own.













4 Responses

  1. no address and or phone number on home page ????

  2. I purchased some frogbit from you through aquabid. Paypal paid you on Dec. 2 and it arrived today. However, it’s just a bag of mush in a bag of very cold water. I would like a refund please.

    • Catherine –

      You didn’t purchase Fogbit through AquaBid, it was a Facebook auction. Next time, please take a picture of the plants being dead and DO NOT write comments on my website regarding discrepancies without first trying contact me to resolve the issue via e-mail me or messaging me on Facebook.

      Normally shipping isn’t refunded as its the cost to get the items to you. No profit is made on shipping and refunding that portion of the transaction means I paid for shipping the items you wanted and I also lost inventory. None the less, I issued a full refund.

      Best of Luck & Happy Holidays,

      Owner & Operator

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