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Whats going on world!?


Like everyone, I really wish I had more time in a day. I have been working 65 hours a week all summer into fall. I will likely keep up this pace until spring of 2018 at which time I plan to quit my part-time job. Because of this, I have failed to bring everyone the products, content, updates, post and pictures that I want to. So just to keep those of you who actually want to know abreast of whats happening at FinsNthings (SkrimpKeepingUSA), here are some bullet points of things to come:


  • Importing Shrimp Spring 2018
  • New Shrimp Racks Being Built
  • New Shrimp Food Line’s Coming
  • More Instagram Posts and Updates
  • New YouTube Videos Coming Soon
  • More Products Being Added the Website
  • Fish and Shrimp Room Tours and Interviews


We plan on making 2018 our best year ever, so please, come along for the ride and don’t forget to Like on Facebook!


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