Growing up my dad always had a fish tank. I don’t remember it to clearly but he has shared a few stories of him keeping Oscar’s and Piranha’s and one that makes me laugh about a Piranha biting a chunk out of his finger when he stuck his hand in the tank LOL. It seemed like we always had a fish tank in the house whether empty or full. I took upon myself when I was a freshmen in High School to start a 10-Gallon Saltwater fish only tank with Damsel’s and a Scooter Blenny. That love for aquariums quickly grew when I started a 55-Gallon “River System” tank and started to expand on the number and variety of fish species I kept. My older brother and I had a lot of different fish between the two of us and we always thought that saltwater was the holy grail of aquariums.

Fast-forward my life to 2011, never fully got rid of my salt-water aquarium but had 2-3 freshwater aquariums with mainly chiclids. One day I was talking to my dad and I found out about a Freshwater Crayfish known as a Marble Self-Cloning Crayfish. I had no idea these things even existed. I was obliviously driving one way down a Saltwater street. That was the day my life changed forever. I quickly became fascinated with this A-Sexual creature and then came to find out other colors were available. This invertebrate fascination lead to their cousins; freshwater ornamental Shrimp. The wide variety of colors that were available blew my mind. It was almost like I could have a salt-water look without the headaches of a salt-water fish tank. The fire quickly spread to include snails and Guppies (which I once thought as just feeders for my Oscar). I have since expanded into a wide variety of aquatic life including many types of Livebearers, Snails, South American Chiclids, shrimp and Plants. From this point forward I consider myself neck deep in the hobby and sinking deeper than I ever have before. In a matter of one year I went from 5 aquariums to now over 30 and growing. I have become an active member of our local Aquarium Clubs and reading anything I can get my hands on regarding this magnificent and every growing hobby.

This brings me to us! was re-established at the end of 2011 to bring my passion of this hobby to others. The ownership of has changed. We used to be and some of you who have dealt with Jay. He is a great guy, but decided he could no longer devote the time he wanted to this site and decided to put his efforts into his landscaping company. We bought the website from Jay in January of 2012 so that I could pursue my love for the hobby. Unfortunately, working full-time, going to school part-time and maintaining 30+ aquariums gets to be a little overwhelming. None the less, the point of rambling was to let you know that I am working hard at getting the website to fully functional. I will be adding products weekly and hope to win you over with fantastic products, unbeatable prices and amazing customer service!

We quickly realized that those in the Aquatic hobby are all about sharing their knowledge and sharing all they can with others to keep this hobby successful. So here at we try every day to strive for excellence and customer satisfaction. Our passion for this hobby is what keeps us going and hope that we can share a part of that with you.

I have dedicated myself so much to this hobby that I have renovated my laundry room into a “fish room”. I have aquired many friends along the way and by far the best one is Wade. I have aquariums scattered throughout my house and love every minute of it. I try and buy the best quality stock I can from the beginning so quality isnt an issue and then do what I can to make it even better.

We buy all of our foods in bulk from trusted sources and even make some of our own. Each of our products are tested with various types of aquatic environments and inhabitants including our own to ensure success before we release them to our customers. We refuse to sell low grade foods, medications or supplies. You can guarantee if it’s for sale on this site, we use it too.

Since our establishment in 2011, we have had many repeat customers. We consider ourselves very dependable. We strive to for the fastest shipping you’ll ever get and if we have a problem or there is a wait on something, we will keep you updated the entire step of the way. We are family operated and do everything ourselves. We know what it is like to be ripped off and receive crappy service and we are committed to changing that for others.

So please, take the time to look around and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.



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