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Alder Cones
Alder Cones

What benefits do Alder Cones have on Aquariums? Aside from the fact that they give an added natural look in any aquarium, they do have other benefits which include: Alder cones help to lower pH Alder cones look awesome in … Continued

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Black Water Extract (6 oz.)
Black Water Extract (6 oz.)

Blackwater has been a great to aquariums for years.  It gives fish a natural habitat, which promotes breeding. The brown tinted water gives an amazon like feel in your tank for looks, and even goes as far as breaking down and … Continued

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Cholla “Logs” (Dried Cactus)
Cholla “Logs” (Dried Cactus)

Cholla Wood provides the perfect place for shrimp to hide and is a great natural decoration. This wood breaks down faster than most others resulting in a faster bio film\grazing area for shrimp there fore it is will be an … Continued

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Sale! Cholla Wood
Cholla Wood

Quantity: 2 Per Order Are you looking for a great substrate to tie your mosses and ferns to? Look no further!  Cholla Branches are terrific for aquascaping, as they are heavy enough to sink easily, yet have tons of cool little … Continued

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Sale! SunGrow Mineral Rocks
SunGrow Mineral Rocks

MINERALS BOOST HEALTH – Are your shrimps losing color? Do they not look as healthy as before? Here is your solution- SunGrow Mineral Rocks. Mineral rocks provide the perfect nutrient balance for vitality, color and health, especially for baby shrimps … Continued

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