The most important thing when buying live animals online is the health of the animal. At FinsNthings, we believe that it is essential that we take the health of our animals seriously. How we ensure that your new pet arrives to you safe can be broken down into a few parts:

Time Frame:

Established in 2011, we want to ensure that the customer has the best experience possible. We will always ship a package within one week of placing an order unless otherwise specified. One of our ways to ensure that our customer has a good experience is to only ship packages on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. We want to use the other five days of the week to focus on other aspects of our business and to continue to give exceptional customer service. FinsNthings plants to continue to grow in the effort to offer more variety of US bred shrimp and livestock to the US market. We appreciate our customers understanding on this topic.

Shipping Box:

We take the time to line all of our boxes with ½ inch Styrofoam insulation. The insulation creates a weather barrier and keeps the temperature in the box from varying drastically. Despite the weather outside, FinsNthings will always use insulated boxes to ensure a safe delivery.


We ship all live animals using breathable bags. Breather bags do not require air being left in the bag which results in less water movement as the package is being shipped. With less water movement and splashing, the result is less stress on the animal inside the bag. Shrimp and other animals (like humans) do not appreciate stress. By making their journey a more comfortable, we believe the customer and animal alike will be happier. Breather bags also allow the shrimp to have the ability to survive for up to 14 days just in case the postal service makes a mistake.

Postal Carrier:

Currently, we only use the United States Postal Service (USPS). Due to the success we have had and convenience, we believe USPS is what works best for our animals and customers. We have two methods:

USPS Priority: $9.95 Fixed Rate plus a 3 Day Guarantee on Live Animals
USPS Priority Express: $34.95 Fixed Rate plus 100% Live Animal Guarantee